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The Year to Change 365 VIP Session

Interested in getting personalized support from Julie to help you make or navigate the BIG changes that are happening (or not happening) in your life or business?

This VIP package includes a 90-minute session where Julie will take you through her 365 process, you will also get access to The Year to Change Methodology, Workbook & Trello some prep work to do before our call and some follow up accountability support.

You can book this as a stand-alone service, or alongside any of The Year to Change Your Life masterminds.

Why is Julie the right person to help you?

Julie Creffield is an award-winning speaker, author and activator of people. She has done many things over her 30 year career, and all of them have involved CHANGE. Helping communities, individuals and organisations to make the important shifts they need to make. From humble beginnings, with her fair share of adversity and personal struggle, Julie has used her unique ideas, energy and social movements not only to change her life, but to create a lasting legacy in the lives of millions of others around the world.

Why work 121 with Julie?

Julie's group programmes are a lot of fun, they are inspiring, and they get you taking action, but sometimes you just want the luxury of working 121 with a coach, and this service does that. It isn't just a coaching call though, this is a whole package of support to kick start your Year to Change journey. 

3 Modules

Year to Change Methodlogy

Year to Change Trello System

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