Make TODAY your DAY 1...get STARTED, make that change

Start to Change Mini Course

Are you someone who wants or needs to make some BIG changes in your life but don't know where to start?

Well, you have come to EXACTLY the right place.

The Start to Change Mini Programme gives you EVERYTHING you need to get started on whatever BIG change project you are facing.

So whether you are dealing with some BIG scary challenges, or some small gripes that are building up and need addressing, this online programme with its accompanying toolkit will get you off the starting blocks, and help you to realise the power of making small intentional steps in the right direction. 

Each programme purchased helps get kids into quality education around the world via the charity Streetchild...see I told you this programme makes a BIG difference. That's what happens when you commit to making a change and focus on taking things one step at a time.

What does it include?

  1. The No Time to Waste Video from Julie why learning to maximise and leverage your time is the only true way to stay happy and healthy, and avoid overwhelm and burnout
  2. The Change Hub...never forget what it is you said you want to change or how you were going to do it again, with this all-in-one Trello System
  3. The Start Model...use this simple but hugely effective coaching method to get clarity over the change you need to make, why you are finding it so hard, and what you need to do to get started 
  4. Time to Change Productivity System...gain back control of your life with this easy-to-use system
  5. The #iblamejulie Challenge...get kudos, accountability and encouragement by taking part in this challenge
  6. Become an Ambassador for Change...find out how else you can get involved with the Year to Change Movement

It's jammed packed full of stuff you will actually use, and is there for you to access over and over again, each time you have a new thing to start


5% of the profits from this product (and all Year to Change Programmes) go towards helping children and young people around the world to access quality education via the charity StreetChild...see I told you this little product makes a BIG difference.

Who is Julie Creffield?

Julie is an award-winning speaker, author and activator of people. She has done many things over her 30 year career, and all of them have involved CHANGE.

Helping communities, individuals and organisations to make the important shifts they need to make. From humble beginnings, with her fair share of adversity and personal struggle, Julie has used her unique ideas, energy and social movements not only to change her life, but to create a lasting legacy in the lives of millions of others around the world.

As Founder of the plus size fitness movement Too Fat to Run, she has helped tens of thousands of women just get started. She has been teaching productivity, time management, motivation and how to get the important shit done for as long as she can remember, while also having found the time to launch multiple companies, run 6 marathons, and write 12 books....and trust me she likes to Netflicks and chill as much as the next person. 

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